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0.5km on the 322GHz Amateur Radio Allocation



I'd like to give an update on our efforts at 322GHz.

On March 1st, 2002 at 02:25z WA1ZMS/4 worked W4WWQ over a new distance of .5km.

The details are:
WA1ZMS/4 37-21-24N 79-10-31W FM07ji
W4WWQ 37-21-14N 79-10-15W FM07ji
Mode used was FSK CW and gear is the same equipment that's been used of late for the 241GHz QSOs. (phase locked Gunns driving power multipliers)

WX at time of QSO: Temp: -0.5C
Dew Point: -15.5C
Relative Humidity: 31%
Pres: 1024mb
Calculated loss: 4.56dB/km

We tried a 1km path but just did not have enough margin. We'd need 6dB more for the distance and then an additional 2.2dB for atmospheric loss at the time of the QSO for a total of 8.2dB and that was just not to be.

In other news, we did a one way QSO at 13km on 241GHz but not two-way. (very disappointing!) Maybe next time.

Brian, WA1ZMS/4

322GHz QSO Audio

You can listen to a an excerpt from the 0.5km 322GHz QSO (the file is a 442kB .WAV file).


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